I was born in Belgium, a small country with a rich history of visual arts. I grew up reading and drawing graphic novels. Building architectural models for my father taught me to think and create in 3 dimensions. I knew that I wanted to be an illustrator when I grew up.

Fast forward a few years... When it came time to choose a school and embark on a career path, I opted for the slightly more practical “commercial” arts. The Rhode Island School of Design offered a great graphic design program, as well as a thriving animation department. While there, I was able to combine illustration, animation, and graphic design into projects that helped me think in many directions with cohesive results. As an added bonus, I also met my gorgeous and amazing future wife there. We married and are living happily ever after...
After sharpening my skills for 17 years in some of the best design studios around, it was time to turn studioDubois into a full-time operation. I can now dedicate all my time to your projects.

Who is studioDubois?

My wife Liz and I joined forces to form studioDubois. We maintain separate clients, separate websites, and have very different styles, yet we often collaborate on projects together. This allows us to benefit from each other’s strengths.