Each Friday, the Fantasy Football Librarian is here to help, but this week, she could also use your help.cheap hockey jerseys

After that mess, I vowed (for the second time!) to listen to the Nerd¡¯s advice. But here I am again wondering if the Nerd needs to be ignored this week. I know, I know, I¡¯m asking for trouble. But here¡¯s the thing: I¡¯m 6-4 in this league and I¡¯m barely in playoff position. With four other teams with a 6-4 record, one small mistake in my lineup could keep me sitting on the outside looking in come Weeks 14-16. I am not particularly enamored with that idea, so that leaves me here second-guessing the Nerd¡¯s advice for my running backs this week. nhl jerseys china I¡¯m trying to decide between Jerious Norwood (the Nerd¡¯s preference),cheap hockey jerseys who goes against my weak Denver Broncos run defense, and Dominic Rhodes, who goes against a soft Houston defense. A few weeks ago I talked about how I defied lineup advice from the Fantasy Football Nerd and ended up losing my matchup in a disaster of a game.wholesale nhl jerseys

Yes, this is what my team has come down to ¨C relying upon Norwood or Rhodes to keep my team afloat for a few more weeks. But I make no apologies for the fact that I am debating between two non-starters for my second RB slot ¨C my team has a solid McNabb/Rodgers duo at QB ¡ª which I¡¯ve been able to maximize ¡ª and the awesome Adrian Peterson to complement whichever RB2 I choose. nhl jerseys china

Still on the topic of the Nerd, last week my team won with strong performances from pretty much all players. The Nerd and I didn¡¯t differ on players to start, though we both inaccurately assumed that Aaron Rodgers would have a better game than Donovan McNabb. So I¡¯ll call Week 10 a draw and give each of us a point for a solid win. So if you were me, what would you do this week? I don¡¯t get points for return yardage and it¡¯s a PPR league (points per reception) ¨C wholesale nhl jerseys so it¡¯s just a straight-up yardage battle between Norwood and Rhodes.

Moving on to my favorite articles in this week¡¯s fantasy football world of advice:

The Best Waiver Wire Advice:

The Best ¡°Start or Sit¡± Advice: Fantasy Football Caf¨¦¡¯s Who to Start & Sit ¨C Most ¡°start and sit¡± sites list a handful of suggestions for that week¡¯s matchups and call it a day.cheap nhl jerseys Not the FF Caf¨¦. These guys give their top ¡°start¡± and ¡°sit¡± for each position but also provide a ranking by position that goes in depth. This week I particularly appreciated the tight end focus by CBS Sportsline in Waiver Wire: Means to a Tight End. CBS mentions several serviceable TEs if you¡¯re in need of help, wholesale nhl jerseys but also guys you shouldn¡¯t bother picking up, which quite frankly is almost more valuable.

Best Uncategorizable Fantasy Football Advice: cheap nhl jerseys This link is particularly uncategorizable because it¡¯s not an article but a link to NFL Beat Writer Blogs. I frequently hear from readers of my FFLibrarian blog who are looking for information about the Broncos from the local Denver news that I read. cheap nhl jerseys

I¡¯m spending a long weekend in Vermont for my sister¡¯s wedding and am hoping to have enough time to sneak in my Norwood v. cheap hockey jerseys Rhodes decision. In fact, it¡¯s hard to say if I¡¯m more nervous about my playoff-bubble fantasy football matchups or about giving the matron of honor toast at the wedding.nhl jerseys china Here¡¯s hoping for success on all fronts! I¡¯ll often refer them to this site to check out the Denver beat writer blogs. There are few people who can provide insider information like local beat writers. wholesale nhl jerseys So if you¡¯re looking for an edge in your fantasy football league, try this site.