The man behind the work

Find out more about what I do and learn who I am by reading a very abridged biography and visiting some links I consider relevant to my work.

I click the “create” button

Since you’ve probably checked my portfolio before reading this page, you should have a good idea of the work I’ve done in the past.

I strongly believe I’m not in the business of delivering products. I’m offering a service. The end result may have a tangible form, but the most important part of the project is personal customized service. I take your information (complex or simple)... organize it... distill it... and give it form.
Artistic creation is a fluid process, and every project is different. The steps needs to be flexible and adaptable, but the overall project structure ensures that the project develops efficiently, on time, on budget and, most importantly, on target.
I will handle graphic design, illustration, animation and photo direction... whatever is necessary to make sure the project goes smoothly. My goal is to make your life a little bit easier.